Problend Commerical Chemicals
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Who We Are

In 2011, the idea was conceived to create a brand that contained quality American made products made in the USA, and supported by local companies. The brand needed an innovative line of products that would bring the family run business a way to compete with the national brands, and at the same time give customers an edge with product, service, and equipment that was not only of high quality, but cutting edge to the market.

Hence, the ProBlend brand was created. The program encompasses companies with equipment, product and service beyond the national companies. When a product is bought in any of the five categories: Warewash, Hand Care, Laundry, Housekeeping and Floor Care, the sales help the community by supporting a local company. The brand is built with pride from its members and support from the customer base.

The ProBlend brand’s main objective is to provide quality products with new innovative techniques and dispensing equipment proven to be state of the art with products that are economical for the customers and made in the USA.

Going “Beyond Clean” is what the members do for their customers every day of the year, providing service beyond reproach.

Become a ProBlend customer today and see the difference! For information about this exciting program or to become a customer, please click this link and a member will contact you.