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A Brand Built with You in Mind

Since the mid-1960s Seatex has been manufacturing innovative, cutting edge car wash products, becoming a respected name in the industry. Seatex utilizes the latest formulation technologies and are continually improving product performance, increasing cost efficiency and maximizing our clients’ profits by reducing service related expenses. Economically priced, coupled with high performance, ProBlend Professional Vehicle Care Solutions is the result of this experience.

ProBlend's vehicle care line includes products for every aspect of the industry from Full Service, Self Service to Automatic Car Wash operations; all are formulated and packaged to Seatex's strict quality standards, as well as meeting the requirements and specifications of its partners. ProBlend partners benefit from product support, marketing assistance, and technical sales assistance, provided by Seatex. Seatex’s high standards are reflected in ProBlend’s high performance and low cost, truly “A Brand Built with You in Mind.”