Warewash Chemicals, Warewashing Cleaning Chemical

Convenience. Confidence. Health.

ProBlend’s line of complete warewash solutions removes the worry and hassle from kitchen and facility cleaning and sanitation, offering employees a healthier and safer work environment and guests a remarkably enjoyable dining experience.

  • Liquids, Powders, Solids
  • Detergents, Rinse Additives, Sanitizers, Pre-Soaks
  • Pot & Pan Detergents, Degreasers, Disinfectants, Hard Surface Cleaners
  • Equipment

ProBlend's line of complete warewash chemicals include machine/pot and pan detergent, rinse and sanitizer which cleans and sanitizes your pots, pans, cutlery, flatware, glasses, kitchenware, serving pans, trays, and other kitchenware used in preparing, serving, or storing food. Products are budget friendly, gets your utensils sparkling clean for customers, and impresses health inspectors.

ProBlend’s kitchen cleaning chemicals and food service cleaning chemicals include detergents, liquid cleaners, glass cleaners, disinfectants, and more. We also provide a complete line of janitorial cleaning chemicals for your kitchen and washroom chemical cleaning needs.

ProBlend's dishwashing chemicals include a complete line of machine dish washing and sanitizing chemicals. Select your commercial dishwashing detergent, rinse aid, and sanitizer that is designed for your high or low temperature dishwasher.

ProBlend is a leading brand of institutional cleaning chemicals that are specifically designed for cleaning and maintenance. With the increase in professional hygiene related threats and risks our institutional cleaning chemicals are your cost effective solution to ensure the safety and health of your customers, workers, and environment.

ProBlend's restaurant cleaning chemicals ensure the health and safety of your workplace beyond ensuring you pass inspection. Our food service cleaning chemicals and janitorial chemicals are cost effective detergents, glass and surface disinfectants, oven cleaners, counter and floor surface cleaners, and more.